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Thank you for the warm, loving care you provided Sabrina and Jack this week. I can't adequately describe the difference your approach makes with my two dear feline friends. Since adopting them 6 weeks ago, I have had numerous visits to a nearby clinic which were traumatic for all three of us.

Their normal response to having their temperature taken is nothing short of explosive. I was amazed to see Jack lying still for you with no one holding him.

It may be my imagination but both cats seemed somehow lighter when you left as if they knew the treatment they received was going to help them feel better.

Warm regards,

Zita Slade

Dear Dr. Rennings,

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for both of our Rottweilers, 4-year old Brock and 4-month old Randy. Brock is becoming braver about having check-ups because of your patience and positive reinforcement. We plan to follow your suggestion of signing Brock up for another full session of dog training classes to help him learn to control his dog aggression issues. He is gradually improving and becoming more confident.

Little Randy has been a joy to have because of your early intervention tips. When you first saw him at eight weeks of age, he was an adorable puppy who was constantly biting. You informed us that we needed to correct the biting behavior immediately and showed us how to do it. Within two days, Randy was a different dog; much more cuddly and well behaved. Even our little eighteen-month old grandson makes the a-a-a sound whenever Randy gets into puppy trouble.

When Randy had his three month check-up, you showed us how to teach him to receive treats properly by waiting respectfully for them to be given to him, rather than trying to grab it with his teeth. Randy responded immediately because he loves treats so much. After your last visit, we have been working on teaching Randy boundaries. Randy is such a sweet, calm, five month old Rotti now. He and Brock love to play with each other. They even take turns getting the ball when they are playing together outside. It’s hard to believe that Randy was alpha male of the household when we first got him!

Thanks again for all of your invaluable training tips for Brock and Randy, as well as the excellent health care that you provide them. When you come to our house, you always take the time to address our concerns and questions. We really appreciate your expert guidance in helping us raise healthy, happy and well-behaved Rottis.

Marshall and Jana Dauberman

Dr. Rennings is a blessing and a gift to all of us who own animals. She is kind, caring and thoughtful, and spends as much time as necessary to cure your animals. I speak for my own pets, as she treats my Yorkie, who is going blind, and my Yorkie-Poo, who is also aging.

She is a “down-home” vet with spectacular abilities and the “Dr. Doolittle” touch. She’s the best in the biz, in my opinion.

Donna M. Tanner

I worked for Carin (Dr. Rennings) for almost two years and really got to know her as a person and a veterinarian. We are close friends to this day. Now I have to tell you why.

She is a great healer and a wonderful person. I have seen her work with animals and people alike and she is so good with them!! I would recommend her to anyone. The house call is so the way to go. Everyone is at ease in their own surroundings. She is good for both you and your pet’s peace of mind. Carin will always be up front with you and your pets. She is well worth the call!

Marni Brown

Dear Dr. Rennings:

Although you usually only see us when it’s time for checkups or someone is sick, I want you to know how important you are to our family all the time. What a different experience it has been to no longer have to deal with stressful visits to the vet, what I now know were unnecessary shots and tests, and expensive treatments and medications.

How wonderful that you truly love the animals that are so dependent on you for their care. You treat them with patience, respect, and dignity, which is much too rare for the gentle creatures that are such a huge part of our lives. Instead of immediately treating a rash or a cough with only a prescription, you look at all aspects of the problem, including behavior and environment, to resolve the root cause.

Please know that we think of you often, and the love that you give comes back to you from us fourfold!

All Our Best,
Pat, Eric, Trinity, and Neo Graves

Dear Carin,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your tender, compassionate care of Tipper, Maggie and Quincy at their transitioning to the next place. As hard and painful as this process is, you both brought dignity and grace to the experience which has made all the difference to both Hank and myself.

We both also felt ourselves supported by your loving care and for me, I am using it to help me get through these difficult days.

Thank you so, so much,
Jennifer and Hank Stanton

Dear Dr. Rennings,

My husband and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding care Home Veterinary Service has provided for our cats these past 10 years. Since you’ve been our Vet we are able to have all our “boys” seen during one visit instead of making numerous car trips to get yearly shots and exams. There is literally no stress for us or the cats.

Last year was indeed sad for us since we had to have Hobo and Jake put to sleep. You treated both cats with tenderness and dignity. This made their many years with us all the more special.

Thank you so much,
Sam and Rhonda Turner