Home Veterinary Service has been in business for two decades now. Both clients and patients love the convenience!

About the Doctor

Dr. Carin Rennings graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 and loves the intimacy and slower pace of a house call setting. She recognized the need for a less threatening veterinary experience for dogs and cats and the valuable information that can be garnered by viewing a pet in its own home where it feels safe and comfortable. She finds that house calls provide an opportunity to really get to know her clients and their beloved pets. She takes time to “visit” and finds this aspect of her job especially rewarding.

Dr. Rennings started training dogs when she was ten, instructed classes in high school and college, immersed herself into the world of natural horsemanship for over a decade with three home-raised foals, and has also enjoyed cat training and psychology.

She is a true “Animal Whisperer,” connecting and communicating with pets through their own natural social structures. She can help you to resolve behavioral issues, rehabilitate abused and/or neglected pets, and teach you to be a natural pack leader. She can also help you build a solid foundation with your puppy or kitten, preventing unwanted behaviors before they start.

Dr. Rennings has studied and practiced alternative healing techniques for many years. She is certified in animal communication, Healing Touch For Animals, Quantum Touch, and is a Usui Reiki Master. These forms of therapy and connection help to heal and balance your pet physically, mentally and emotionally.

Dr. Rennings has extensively studied Western medicine and balances that with a more holistic and spiritual approach. She believes in home cooking and minimizing vaccines to those that are truly necessary based on risk and exposure. In very old and sick animals, euthanasia in the home is viewed as a sacred event and a symbolic transition for both owner and pet.

She passionately loves animals, their people and serving the community.